How do I book?

The easiest way is to book online via our online booking website. You can select your class, input your details and pay via paypal and it’s all done.
We can also take bookings over the phone, or even via email. All bookings must be made in advance to ensure you secure your spot.

Pole & Aerial
What do I wear?

It is important to be comfortable during your class so wearing something you’re comfortable in but still allows you to move.

Ladies, we recommend wearing a great supportive sports bra to all classes as they can be high impact, with either a singlet/tank or tshirt over the top.

You’re welcome to wear pants or leggings along with a jumper for all class warms ups as this will help get your body warmer quicker


Pole classes
What do I wear?

We recommend wearing shorts during the class as we use the skin on our legs to grip the pole. They do not have to be booty shorts, bike or running shorts are fine.

Hoop/Silks classes
What do I wear?

Full length leggings are preferable but 3/4s are fine too. Try to avoid shiny slinky materials or lose fitting pants as they can slip on the apparatus.

We offer a range of pole and aerial clothing and shoes for sale at the studio that is suitable for classes.


Please remove all rings, watches, bracelets, anklets and large or dangly earrings before class to avoid damaging them.
The poles/hoops will damage your jewellery and your jewellery will damage our poles/hoops/silks.
Please make sure you do not put any moisturizer or oils on prior to a class as that will make the poles slippery and could cause injury.

What if I don't want to wear shorts to a pole class?

We know that wearing shorts to your first class can make some of us feel uncomfortable, so for your first class you can wearing leggings. But as of week 2 you’ll start using your legs to grip the pole and wearing leggings will make this very difficult. Bike or running shorts which are longer are fine to wear and will help you grip the pole better. Also we have the pole studio lit in flattering low light so you don’t need to worry about harsh bright lights.

What if I don't want to wear heel to a pole class?

That’s ok. Heels are not compulsory. We do wear them for a few reasons; they make it easier to spin on the floor (avoiding floor burnt feet), they encourage us to walk tall and balanced and they make us feel sexier. If you do decide to bring heels, they don’t have to be high or even heeled, you can wear wedges or kitten heels if you’re more comfortable. Avoid buckles or studs down the front of the shoe but any style or colour is fine, whatever you feel most comfortable in. If you’re undecided, you’re welcome to bring a pair along, have a go and decide from there.

Pole & Aerial What do I bring?

Basically what you would take with you to the gym. A bottle of water (available to purchase from the studio if you forget). A sweat towel. Heels if doing pole classes. Grip aids (if necessary, also available from the studio for purchase)

Pole & Aerials Can a friend/family member watch my class?

Unfortunately we don’t allow anyone to watch classes for the comfort and privacy of the students in the class. For this reason, we do a showcase at the end of some terms. Showcase is an optional performance for family and friends to come along and see your skills! We do also allow you to take pictures and videos in the last week of term so you can show your family and friends and/or social media what you can do.

Pole & Aerials Can I do more than one class per week?

Of course. Doing a second course will help you improve your strength and flexibility much quicker, as well as making you more confident with the moves. If you want to do a second course class of the same level or below, or even of another apparatus, that can be arranged and most are at a discounted rate.

Pole & Aerials
Do you offer make up classes if I am away?

We ask that you please pick a day/time that will suit you for the duration of the course as make up classes are hard to accommodate. If you are aware in advance that you are unable to make a course class, please contact the studio as early as possible and we will endeavour to fit you into another class of the appropriate level for that week. Please note though that our one apparatus per person rule does still apply and if all classes of your level are full, we will not be able to offer you a make up class.
Please also note that if you are non contagiously sick or injured, you are always welcome to come and watch your class, so you can take notes and mentally learn any new tricks or skills to make it easier to continue when you’re able again.

Pole & Aerials
Do you have to be fit or able to dance to start?

No of course not. You start pole and aerials to get fit and learn to dance.  Our beginner courses suit everyone, no matter your fitness level or background, we work progressively so that everyone can achieve, get a great workout and learn new skills. We teach you everything you need to know so there’s no need for any prior training.

Pole & Aerials
Is there a weight limit?

No. The poles are very sturdy. They are stainless steel, one piece poles, engineered for commercial use. They are bolted into the industrial steel beams that were specifically installed, as well bolted into the concrete below the floorboards. We have had up to 9 women on one pole before.
The hoops and silks apparatus were also engineered for commercial use and are able to withstand tons of force. Each point has been rigged and licence for human use by a company that specialise in aerial arts.

Pole & Aerials
Is there an age limit?

Yes. All participants in all classes must be at least 16 years old and will need parental/guardian consent signed on their enrolment form, until 18. There is no upper age limit.

Pole & Aerials
Do we get school holidays and public holidays off?

No. As we are a predominately adult environment, we don’t run in conjunction with the school holidays.  We have one week off during the Easter period and 3-4 weeks off over the Christmas period, you will be notified in advance of these.
We do not take public holidays off, as we run our 8 week courses, if we did not run through public holidays, some students would miss out on their 8 weeks.

Pole & Aerial
Can I pay as I go for courses?

Unfortunately we cannot offer pay as you go for courses. We guarantee that each course is one apparatus per person and so to do so, we need to secure payment for each person participating. Once you have paid your original course in full (prior to commencing), you may begin to pay off the upcoming course over the duration of the current course, so when the new course begins, you’ve already paid in full.

Pole & Aerial
Can I do classes if I’m pregnant / a new mum?

We do not advise that you begin pole or aerial classes if you are pregnant. If you have been an existing student and you fall pregnant, you will need to have GP permission that it is safe to do so, in form of  written consent, provided to the studio, to continue your classes.
If you have recently given birth, we advise that you speak to your GP and/or specialists before beginning any courses or classes. They can best advise you if you are ready to begin exercising again.

Pole & Aerial
Can I do classes if I have a pre-existing injury or illness?

If you have a pre-existing injury or medical condition that may affect your participation in our courses or classes, we recommend you visit to your GP for advice and provide the studio with written consent from your GP, prior to beginning classes.