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Why Join En Pointe Aerial Academy?

Whether your goal is to reach the world stage, compete at a national level or simply build new skills and have fun, we have a program for you. Here are six reasons why you should book your free lessons with En Pointe Aerial Academy today.

Learn new skills

Learn to dance, fly, stretch or condition your body in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment. You may be surprised at what you can achieve!

Safe, professional studios

With professionally rigged equipment, industry standard safety mats, full-length mirrors and quality flooring, our studio is a professional training facility.

Friendly and Social

The world of aerial movement and pole dancing offers the opportunity to meet new people and build lifelong friendships.

Suitable For Everyone

There’s no required fitness level or previous experience required. We teach you everything you need to know in a safe, progressive way.

Get Fit

Aerials and pole dancing are amazing ways to get fit without even realising you are working out!

Build technique

Have you ever wished you could do the moves you’ve seen at the Circus or on TV? Enrolling in pole dancing or aerial lessons will help boost your skills.

Client Testimonial

Since the first day I walked through the doors of En Pointe Aerial Academy, my skills and fitness have flourished on a whole new level. To me, being a part of En Pointe Aerial Academy means endless guidance and support throughout your fitness journey from passionate and knowledgeable instructors – and with that comes the opportunity to become the best version of yourself through creative expression and the friends you gain along the way! If you’re looking for a friendly and nurturing, safe space to train and express yourself, this is the place to be – I love my En Pointe Family!


The fantastic teachers at En Pointe create such a supportive and friendly environment, you feel at ease from the moment you walk through the door. I have been a student on and off for many years, before and after the birth of my child, and I honestly loved going each week. The syllabus is built in a way that the tricks increase along with your strength, and you are never made to do something you are not ready for. Highly recommended for someone that wants to increase strength and fitness while doing something fun!


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We offer two FREE introductory lessons for new registrations so we can make sure the style and class you choose is right for you. Whether you’re looking to get fit, learn new skills or make new friends, we’ll quickly help you feel welcome as a member of our studio. Claim your free session today or call us on 0403943447 to find out more.