Studio Assistant

Alexandria joined the En Pointe family in 2018, after bringing a friend to a pole trial class. She had been interested in pole dancing for a long time and after finally coming along to a pole trial she instantly fell in love!

Alexandria has an extensive background in dance having trained and competed in Drill Dance for 12 years, She travelled interstate with her team annually for Championship competitions and has a collection of medals and awards for her achievements.

In 2020 Alexandria took some time off to move to America and participate in the Walt Disney College Program, unfortunately this adventure was cut short due to COVID-19. Upon returning home, Alexandria found EP in lockdown and wasn’t able to return to classes but she was back as soon as we were allowed to get back into the studio.

Alexandria has also completed a degree in Event Management and has been a key team member in En Pointe events such as Debut Amateur Competitions, organising the ticketing system, liaising with competitors and helping out backstage. Alexandria will continue to work with our En Pointe events in the future, sharing her skills expertise.

Alexandria can assist you with anything you may need within the studio. Being an avid student herself, participating in multiple apparatus and casual classes, she has lots of great feedback and advice she can offer on everything from picking grip aids, to booking classes, organising functions or special ordering shoes or attire.

You can find Alexandria at the studio most nights of the week.