Brittany has been dancing since she was only 3 years old and has loved every second of it.

Brittany has studied every style of dance she could get her hands on, including: Jazz, Tap,  Ballet, HipHop, Contemporary and Salsa.  She even dabbled in cheerleading.

Brittany started pole at En Pointe in September 2019 and quickly fell in love and soon became obsessed. Starting with EPs dance class before trialling pole and signing up to her first course. Since then, Brittany has excelled through the levels with her natural talent for movement and her determination and dedication to perfecting her skills.

Brittany has also taken up Aerial Silks for the first time in 2020.

Brittany is also competing in her first pole competition, EPSC as an intermediate competitor, in 2020.

“Pole makes me feel strong, confident and feminine.”

Brittanys bright and bubbly personality, enthusiasm for all things pole and aerial and her eye for detail has seen her promoted to the team at En Pointe. Her background in teaching (primary school) is also an asset and means Brittany is able to tailor her teaching methods to suit all types of students and bring a fresh perspective to pole and aerial instructing.
We are excited to have Brittany on board.