Emily started pole in 2012 at BellaBoutique studio in Hampton, in an act of spontaneous curiosity.

Due to careers and moving around, her pole journey was then put on pause until 2015.

In the gap years between, Emily extended her fitness circle by taking up Muay Thai kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, at Westside MMA in Deer park.

A free trial ad for beginner classes at a pole studio Melton enticed Emily back into pole, however the cost of juggling MMA and pole dance proved a little too much, and luckily for us, pole dancing won out.

Between 2015 and 2018, Emily moved between a few studios but finally settled back in where she started, here at En Pointe Aerial Academy in Melton. Since then, she has taken her poling career to a new level, competing in amateur state competitions and becoming an instructor.

Emily has a few titles under her belt including:

  • Ignite 2016 Intermediate – 2nd place
  • Ignite 2017 Intermediate – Winner
  • EPSC 2019 Advanced – 3rd place

And has been selected as a finalist in:

  • PCS 2019 Amateur
  • Inversion 2019 Advanced
  • AAPC 2019 Amateur Open
  • Debut 2019 Advanced

We’re looking forward to having Emily on board and seeing where pole takes her.