Aerial Dance Classes Melton



Poleahontas is the En Pointe sponsored artist mentored by our principle Jenny Toner.

Poleahontas started pole in 2014, only a few months after having her son. Having a commercial dance background, poleahontas took to pole quickly and has made the transition from studio to stage easily. Poleahontas is known for her clean execution and unique style, but believe it or not she is not naturally strong and takes time to pick up tricks in her classes, her secret to success is determination and repetitive practice.

Poleahontas enjoys performing, competing & most of all being a mum to her young son. She won both the In house Melton & studio finals competitions in the intermediate section in 2015. She was selected & performed in Encore Sydney pole show in January 2016 & won the Valentine’s competition 2016. She was also a finalist in the Regional pole championships Victoria 2016. In 2018 she makes her doubles debut as one half of Mirage with En Pointe instructor Nina, competing in Survivor pole championships.

Whenever she performs her goal is to leave a lasting impression on her audience. Poleahontas is known for her individuality and often pushes the boundaries in her routines concepts. She prides herself on her originality & creativity. Her passion for pole dancing shines through in her performances. She is often found practicing the same combo over & over again for weeks until it’s perfect.

Poleahontas is often a guest instructor at En Pointe, teaching stretch, splits and exotic.