Shae started pole as a student in Ballarat in May 2010, having no background in dance or gymnastics, Shae was undeterred and keen to give pole a go. She had always been active but found sticking to one particular thing difficult, but with pole, that wasn’t an issue.

She was a dedicated student, working hard to pass each level confidently and quickly progressed to the highest level the studio offered. In 2012 Shae also took up aerial hoop.
Her determination and dedication has seen her excel in everything she does.

Shae has competed in Victorian state competitions for pole as well as In House competitions for pole and hoop.

Shae loves what she does so much that when she was given the opportunity to teach it to others, she took it with both hands.
Shae is our resident Aerial Hoop expert, qualified to teach Aerial hoop and silks through Circus Training Australia. She is also qualified in pole fitness through KT coates vertical dance and is also a qualified masseuse which means she has an in depth understanding of how your muscles are used and react in pole and aerials.

Shae also loves martial arts, training in mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Shae has a keen interest in all forms of physical activity but believes the ones we find the most fun will always produce the best results, which is why she encourages everyone who will listen to try pole or aerials at least once in their life